Monday, August 18, 2014

Deck Part IV - Staining and Stairs

Here's a quick plumbing picture from last week:

I'm hoping to get rid of that conduit someday, it goes to what I think is a 240V outlet in the master bedroom, which shouldn't be needed anymore.

On to this week. We finished the high side of the deck, and decided to stain before putting on the stairs. I'm not sure why we decided to do that rather than stain at the end, I think I just wanted to get something easier done and relax the rest of the day. We had a rollerand brush from when we painted the bathroom, so I rolled and Cassie brushed the edges. The roller ended up being weird, since rolling it on made it bubbly and oddly textured. I ended up rolling a bunch of stain on, then sliding the roller sideways to smooth it out. Cassie blended everything and made it look real nice.

You'll notice me here working on the gutters. I redirected one into another, and turned one down the new deck stairs. I'm still thinking of how I want that one to go. I expected it to drip onto and down the deck stairs, but when we got that rainfall last night, I saw that it shoots over all of the stairs and splashes on the ground, so I may need to extend it to prevent digging. I might turn it a couple more times and go right under the deck. You can see that it's not quite long enough in the next picture.

On to the stairs the next day. I already had all of the stringers on, we just needed to level them out and throw decking boards on. It's a good plan to predrill at least the ends of the boards and preferably where you get close to the edges of the stringers to prevent splitting. We decided to to risers to cover up the ugliness beneath the deck.

You may notice I'm not quite finished. I've only done the driveway side, and I still need to cut two risers for that, the two bottom ones. I set all of the wood out to make sure I had enough and to plan which boards will go where. I'm trying to hide some of the uglier pieces.

That's all for this weekend. Check back later for more. I'll leave this here again as well:

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